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VITON Gasket
VITON Gasket

Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China viton gasket manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional viton gasket company and factory, welcome to contact us.

    Rubber gaskets are cut from rubber sheets or mould pressing.
    Each rubber gasket can be reinforced with fabric cloth. (Thickness>/=1.5mm)

StyleProductsColorg/cm3Hardness shElongation %Tensile strengthTemp ℃
G1700BRBlack rubber sheetBlack1.670±52503.0Mpa-5~+50
G1700RCBlack rubber sheet with cloth insertBlack1.670±52204.0Mpa-5~+50
G1700NBRNitrile rubber sheetBlack1.565±52805.0Mpa-10~+90
G1700SBRStyrene-butadiene rubber sheetBlack/red1.565±53004.5Mpa-10~+90
G1700CRNeoprene rubber sheetBlack1.570±53004.5Mpa-10~+90
G1700EPDMEthylene propylenediene rubber sheetBlack1.465±53008.0Mpa-20~+120
G1700MUQSilicone rubber sheetWhite1.250±54008.0Mpa-30~+180
G1700FPMFluorine rubber sheetBlack2.0370±53508.0Mpa-50~+250
G1700ROOil-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.565±52805.0Mpa-10~+60
G1700RCHCold & heat-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.665±52804.5Mpa-20~+120
G1700RAAAcid & alkali-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.665±52804.5Mpa-10~+80
G1700RIInsulating rubber sheetBlack1.565±53005.0Mpa-10~+80
G1700RFIFire-resistance rubber sheetBlack1.765±52804.5Mpa-5~+60
G1700FRFood grade rubber sheetRed/white1.660±53006.0Mpa-5~+50

More informations, please click the "PDF" download or contact with us.
    Click here to download the SUNWELL Rubber gasket product guide pdf.

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